Paco Blanket / Midas Edition

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Our gold sweater is a versatile option for anyone who wants to have a balance of extravagant and casual. A great match for light and dark styles. It is a highly adaptable garment for all seasons and events.

An extremely cozy sweater with a white soft lining. Try this awesome piece of hand made artisanal design. You will most certainly stand out.


  • Extra long sleeves and base like a cardigan
  • Hand crafted wooden buttons, from a local woodworker
  • Durable fabric making it less likely to tear
  • Breathable stitch 
  • 50% Trapo / 50% Poly

Sourced from the small town of San Jose, knitted by artisans of Tlaxcala, this sweater is made, start to finish, in Mexico.

Not only will the Paco Blanket keep you warm but purchasing one will also keep someone else warm. For every purchase of a Paco Blanket, we give a sweater away to the homeless and needy in Tlaxcala, Mexico on your behalf!