Our Affiliates

Pancho's Blanket would only be a dream if it weren't for its' affiliates who make the magic happen. From our photography to our production, we give our all to ensure that the quality, creativity, products and delivery are in its absolute best form.

We have teamed up with some of the most creative professionals in the business to help make this dream come true. These men and women are true artists and we are fortunate enough to have them on board.

Meet our team and affiliates:


Angel and his family have been in the textile industry in Tlaxcala for years. They design, manufacture, and distribute clothing all over Mexico. He helps make the magic happen with his photography, design, and creativity. Angel has his hand in everything that Pancho's Blanket does. From the shipping and packing, to the design of products, marketing and photography. To say we need Angel is an understatement. Not only does he help with all of these things, he's also a fashion designer and creates garments for Pancho's Blanket. 



Jhankarlo is founder of Jhankarlo Photography ( and is one of the most renowned wedding photographers in the Rivera Maya / Cancun area. As teenagers, Jhankarlo, Jonathan, and Joseph were best friends but when Jhankarlo turned 18 he left Tlaxcala to pursue his dream in photography. After a decade of hard work in the Cancun area, Jhankarlo became one of the best photographers one can find. The Garvey family went on vacation to Cancun in 2019 and met up with Jhankarlo after over 10 years of not seeing eachother. Jonathan, Joseph, and Jhan resumed their friendship as if no time had passed at all. After seeing the company that Jonathan and Joseph started, Jhankarlo was eager to help and take breath-taking photographs for Pancho's Blanket and join the team. The best photos we have, are from Jhankarlo, hands down.

Jhankarlo has been a part of Pancho's Blanket before it even began. When Jonathan was starting a leather bag company, at the time called "JEG & CO", Jhankarlo took amazing photos of the very first prototypes alongside the first prototypes of Pancho's Blanket. There's no amount of money that could pay for Jhankarlo's creativity, photographers eye, and faith in Pancho's Blanket. We are eternally grateful.

We Heart Homes KC

We Heart Homes KC has helped Pancho's Blanket in countless ways. They are a real estate group based in Kansas City that contributes to various philanthropical causes including Feed A Family. Elizabeth Blando, a founder of We Heart Homes, is also Jonathan and Joseph's sister and also grew up in Tlaxcala, Mexico. She Married Emanuel Blando and they both lead their company together. They love to sport Pancho's Blanket wears and even let them store their products in their home. Whenever it's cold in KC, they will be sporting a Pancho's Blanket garment.   From its' inception,