How We Make Our Garments

From the Loom to You

Every single garment we make has the intention of adding value to our customers, the artisans, and the underpriviledged community in Tlaxcala, Mexico. All three of these things are extremely important to us. That's why the method in which our products are made are just as important as the products themselves.

The foot pedal looms were introduced to the Tlaxcalan people in the 16th century by the Spaniards. The Spanish had a very strong influence in the textile arts in all of Mexico, but particularly in Tlaxcala - the first allies of the conquering Spaniards. To this day Tlaxcala is one of the worlds largest exporters of textiles and fabrics. An art that is fading out due to the industrialization of textiles and frabrics is the foot pedal loom. A bulky wooden rustic machine that is one hundred percent manually operated. There are only about 600 garments still in existence from what the prehispanic communities had made,  and after the conquest of the Aztec Empire, most of Mexico began using the foot pedal loom.

Every one of our Sacos and blankets is made on a loom that is over 125 years old. We use the same method that the Tlaxcalans were using almost 500 years ago. There is magic in the process and it is felt by the wearer and noticed by all those around. Every person has a story and the reason our sacos compliment your story is because it has a story of its own.