Sarape Blanket

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Pancho's Blanket Sarapes are made with foot pedal looms in Tlaxcala, Mexico. When the sarape is done we take them to local women artisans who sow the soft lining and our patches to the sarapes. While being 100 percent artisan made, our sarapes are very soft with a modern comfort.

Handwoven on a foot pedal looms. Every blanket is unique due to how it was made; thread by thread. No machines were used to make any of our blankets thus you will never get a clone. There will be variances to details that makes every blanket special. 

The method with which we loom our blankets is almost as old as civilization itself. Our looms are almost 200 years old and our artisans are part of a niche society still dedicated to handmade quality. 

Take a Pancho Blanket with you on your adventures, it will keep you warm. Take one with you to the beach, it will keep you dry. Take a blanket to yoga, it will keep you grounded. Take a Pancho Blanket with you anywhere knowing that by having one you helped someone keep warm as well.